Better sleep also means better memory and more…

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10 Reasons why do you need a healthy good sleep?

  1. You can learn a task better and faster.
  2. You can better focus and pay attention.
  3. You can better remember what you have learnt.
  4. Your heart and vascular system will work well.
  5. You are better in creative problem solving.
  6. Your cells and tissues will repair well.
  7. You can think faster.
  8. You can stay happy and prevent stress and depression.
  9. Your immune system will be boosted so you will not fall sick easily and you will be able to recover fast.
  10. Sleep is a powerful regulator of appetite, energy use, and weight control.

How do you know if you have a good sleep?

Here is your checklist indicating if you have a good sleep. So, how do you score?
□ You are able to fall asleep within 15-20 minutes of lying down to sleep.
□ Your sleep is continuous for 6 – 8 hours; you don’t wake up in the middle of your sleep.
□ You wake up feeling refreshed.
□ You feel alert and are able to be fully productive throughout the waking hours.
□ Your partner or family members do not notice any disturbing or out of the normal behavior from you while you sleep, such as snoring, pauses in breathing, restlessness, or otherwise night-time behaviors.

If you don’t get ALL the above checked, then you can consider trying our sleep therapy.

The Science behind this effective soundwave leading to a healthy good sleep

After years of research and extensive testing, NCR has found the effective method to embed waves of frequencies useful to relax human brains and to guide it to healthy state of sleep. A patent was filed in Nov 2015 (Patent Pending No: 10201509401R).
Traditional sleep assist devices use Binaural sound waves which require ear phone to generate 2 different frequencies to produce oscillations in human brains.
This new state-of-the-art Neuro Soundwave Therapy technology generates a wave pattern similar to human brain wave. Then, it gradually moves to a synchronous wave pattern with reduced frequencies to reach THETA and DELTA states which will help to relax human brains and guide them to healthy state of sleep. With embedded wave technology, they do not require any ear phone as the low frequencies waves are carried by audible music.

The Meridian Therapy Revolution

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What is Meridian?

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Like a network of rivers nourishing a landscape, the meridians are the channels through which vital energy (also known as qi) flows, to nourish and energize the human body. These channels exist within the subtle body – you won’t find them on the operating table! Collectively, they form the matrix within which the physical body functions. They also act as a network of communication between the physical and the more subtle energetic bodies.

Where and How Many Meridian?

There are twelve main meridians in the body, each associated with a particular element and organ system. These twelve meridians are Lung , Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Pericardium, Triple-Warmer, Gallbladder and Liver.

How will Meridian affect your body?

The qi in a given meridian is strongest during a specific two-hour interval of the twenty-four hour day. The way qi travels in this cycle through the meridians is referred to as the “Meridian Clock.”

When this flow is balanced and harmonious, we experience physical and emotional well-being. When the flow is blocked, erratic or deplete, we experience physical or emotional disease.

How about Acupuncture Points effect on qi?

Along the path of the meridians, there are certain places where the energy pools, making the qi of the meridian more accessible there than at other places. These pools of energy are called acupuncture points. Each acupuncture point has a specific function, in relation to the Element and Organ System being accessed. The most powerful points tend to be at the ends of the meridians: at the toes, ankles, and knees; or fingers, wrists and elbows. Very often, a symptom expressing in one part of the body will be alleviated by stimulating an acupuncture point that’s located in a completely different place on the body! This works because the point being stimulated lies on a meridian whose energy also passes through the injured or diseased part of the body – so the intelligence of a specific acupuncture point can be transmitted along the course of the meridian to the place within the body that is in need of healing.

What are the ways to maintain a healthy flow of qi?

Convention Qigong and acupuncture are practices which help us to maintain a healthy flow of qi through the meridian system. Through time, a new form called PXtherapy has evolved that can also effectively maintain a healthy flow of qi without the need to practice qi gong nor the use of needles.

How Do We Know All This?

Who discovered the meridian system? It’s generally agreed that the source of our knowledge of the meridian system is three-fold: (1) information received in the deep meditations of the ancient sages; (2) the direct experience of the yogis, i.e. what they felt/saw within their own bodies; and (3) the empirical explorations of many generations of qigong and Chinese medical practitioners.