Made with Love and Happiness

Our Company

Tau Ben Puxin Institute wall logoTau Ben Puxin Therapy Institute is a wellness education center that specialized in meridian therapy. We organised workshops and courses to educate on meridian health, shares ideas and know-how so that you and many others can learn and live a healthy, energetic and illness-free life. We also invest in building a community of volunteers to extend our knowledge and skills to help the less fortunate seniors in our communities. Together, we promote natural and drug-free ways so as to attain a lifestyle of wellness and vitality for ourselves, our loved ones and for some,  to many others in their own capacity.

Our Belief

We, as an organisation, are build upon a very basic principle – to see true happiness in everyone we meet. We aim to do so by combining our interest for wellness. This has allowed us to seek for something simple that can bring about happiness. We see true happiness and wisdom when one has the capability to take care of their own health first. There is no long term joy and wealth when there is no health, agreed? When one is well, more can be done to help others around them. Such extension of help forms what we coil as ripples of love.

Our Methodology

We put together a set of techniques collectively known as PXtherapy which can be deployed and taught in our institute. This therapy aims to provide a therapeutic means to relax, heal and restore balance in body, mind and soul.

Think about free from pain, aches, bloated, numbness, better blood circulation, better immunity system, smarter mind, better energy level, fitter body, better complexion. Achieve all these through learning and adopting this natural therapy – PXtherapy.

pxTherapy is now at version1.0. This therapy will evolve as we learn more effective ways through our global team of partners and researchers. This is not a cure. Always check with your doctor before starting new regimens.

Our social and community value add

We offer you wellness talks and experiential workshops that are relevant, practical and fun in hope that you can benefit for life.

We are looking for partners who are keen to learn this life skill set or business owners who want to value add their wellness offering to their clients. Therapist training for job placement and franchise opportunity for business expansion are available at our center.

For giving back to the society, we are actively offering free meridian therapy to the less fortunate old folks on a monthly basis. Volunteers are welcome to learn and join us in helping others.