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Ang Sor Nar
Given my present medical diagnosis which consist of slipped disc at my back, fatty liver and overweight issues, my first line of defense had been conventional medicine. I was introduced to PXtherapy by my sister thereafter.I felt that PXtherapy offered a 3 prong approach to my quest for optimal health. It is holistic in nature as it addresses the whole person by balancing body, mind, spirit and emotions. It served largely as a preventive measure and it complimented the western medical treatment that I had previously sought. The therapeutic stimulation on meridians had a regulatory effect on the function of my internal organs. At the end of each therapy session , I experienced that “feel good factor”. I had also lost inches off my limbs and belly. More significantly, the therapy had provided pain relief for my back(slipped disc). The neuro sleep therapy gently eased me into sleep mode and I felt very much rested at the end of each session.
Ang Sor Nar Assistant VP
Suzanne Ong
I started using the PXtherapy tool since end of Oct 2015 on my mom who got stroke on 12 April 2015. She cannot sit up right on her own, her neck will be sloppy and her eyes can only look in one direction - only on her right. After using the tool on her for only 2 months, I noticed she was able to move her eyes to her left and she can sit up right on her own without toppling. Every night before sleep, I will just massage with it for about 30 minutes when I watch my TV. For myself, I see improvement on my arms especially my shoulder which used to be painful and stiff.
Suzanne Ong Business Owner
Jon Wong
PXtherapy had greatly helped in relieving pain on my left side of the bottom. I was having frozen shoulder. After a session of the PXtherapy, I felt the pain relief and I could better lift my arm. So I went on a few therapy sessions. After the sessions, I was able to lift up my arm. Now I will continue to maintain using PXtherapy tool and also using this tool to help others around me.
Jon Wong Quay Crane Operator
Jean Ang
I got this tool for daily maintenance for my meridian Over the first few days, I had used it on my 2 sisters and my daughter-in-law. One of my sister had a nagging pain at her upper back near the spine and her usual arm exercises to relief her pain didn't work until she tried this meridian therapy. The other sister has slipped disc which caused her to experience pain from her buttock down her leg for about a month or so. She also tried this meridian therapy and she experienced pain relief. For my daughter-in-law, she was having regular migraine. When I first used this on her, she felt relaxed and her migraine went away! As for myself, after using, my broken capillaries on my calf is less swollen and obivious and my eye bags are less puffy!
Jean Ang Financial Advisor
Ash Asmawi
PXtherapy tool had helped with my headache and back pain. I can feel the immediate effect of the therapy from the first day Cate used it on me. I felt lighter! I got the tool to help my family members with their aches and pains. I also used it on my children to make them relax and sleep.
Ash Asmawi Nursing Instructor

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